The following Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings made with
DMC Square Pvt. Ltd Limited by phone, fax, email or online

The User accepts that the written or emailed booking confirmation and voucher show the details of the booking made with the service supplier. Please check it and make sure that it is correct so as to eliminate all possibility of an error or misunderstanding. Should any of the details be incorrect or any terms and conditions unacceptable, please contact us within 24 hours from receiving the specific service confirmation. Whereby DMC Square Pvt. Ltd acts as an agent for a service provider, a contract is set up between the service supplier and the end customer. The service supplier own terms and conditions also apply. Full details of the service provider’s terms can be supplied on request as these vary from supplier to supplier.

Accommodation star ratings displayed within DMC Square Pvt. Ltd’s website are provided by the accommodation or service suppliers and are their own ratings obtained having inspected them. These frequently conform to the British understanding of the star ratings in order to provide consistency across different countries. Ratings also display our views of the overall "package" of quality, comfort, facilities, and service. They do not automatically mean that a specific facility is present and available. Accommodation ratings can also be higher or lower than official ratings, since the latter sometimes do not reflect the real standard of the hotel for bureaucratic or historic reasons.

One or two star rating indicates a simple accommodation with a minimum set of facilities and amenities. Rooms, Apartments or Studios may not be newly decorated unless it says so in our accommodation description, but they will be clean and of an acceptable level of comfort. Rooms are often small, and breakfast, where available, can be somewhat basic. Ideal choice for guests on limited budget. Not ideal for "special" occasions or for business travellers requiring comfort and a responsive service.

Three star rating reflects a higher level of comfort and facilities, often with a higher decorative style. Often indicates the standard of a quality accommodation at good prices, although room sizes and breakfast, where available, can still vary quite considerably from country to country. Usually it is the minimum required, and that we would recommend, for business travellers.

Four star rating usually portraits a very comfortable, with good facilities and good level of service, accommodation. There are large and attractive public areas, bars and often a restaurant. However, in some small hotels, the four stars rating is purely an indication of comfort and good service. They are the ideal choice for "special" occasions, and a frequent choice for business travellers.

Five star rating indicates a luxurious accommodation, with extensive public areas and very attentive service.

Five star (+) Superior and above indicate outstanding accommodation that offers all possible facilities and amenities with tremendous service, luxurious surroundings and normally demand a high price tag.

Twin and double room issues. Since hotels often have many more twin rooms than doubles, they might occasionally allocate a twin even though a double room is reserved. If a double bed is of paramount importance for the booking, we suggest that you advise us of this using the remarks section and we will ensure that this is communicated directly to the hotel’s reservation team. In many destinations and properties, all double rooms are made up of two single beds pushed together and made up as a double bed. Twin rooms may contain two single beds or one single bed and a rollaway.

Triple and quadruple rooms. A triple room usually comprises one double bed plus a single bed, or three separate beds. Single beds may be foldable or rollaway beds. A quadruple room has same layout as that of a triple room with an extra foldable or rollaway bed. Either configuration may result in a room of restricted space. A family room may be a better choice in some properties as their layout is specifically designed with extra space in mind.

Bookings with ten guests or more are considered as a group booking. Groups can often benefit from lower prices per guest but the property has the right to apply certain pre-conditions, that will be made clear at the time of booking. Group bookings must never be split into multiple smaller bookings. The individual hotel's payment and cancellation policy regarding group bookings will be confirmed with each group reservation enquiry.

Special offers. These normally involve free nights, early booking discounts, offers depended on guests residency status as well as special offers for senior citizens or single parents. Long stay bookings cannot be split into two to benefit from more free nights. In both cases, such split bookings may be refused by the hotel on arrival or rack rates charged. Offers based explicitly on guests’ residency status are binding and users should ensure that their leading client’s passport reflect that.

Check-in and check-out times may vary from hotel to hotel. Check-in cannot normally be guaranteed before 15:00 hrs. and check-out is normally necessary by 11:00 hrs.

During trade fairs, religious holidays and festivals hotels often impose supplements or do not offer the usual price reductions, often resulting in higher than usual hotel published rates. Such price distortions can happen at any period when rooms are very scarce, and is applicable to ensure that some availability is there for our clients. We will only sell a room at higher than the published rate if we feel our clients interests are better served by having this room rather than finding nothing available at all. For such busy periods and only at the client's request, we sometimes find rooms in hotels that we have not necessarily previously checked but have been reliably recommended to us. We do this, as a service at difficult periods and our users accept that we are acting in good faith, by relying on a third party for such hotels not vetted by DMC Square Pvt. Ltd.

Payment for a service is due at the time of booking. Regardless of whether vouchers have been issued or not, your booking may be cancelled if payment has not been received, or if payment is still outstanding for any other unrelated service made by the same Customer. A payment deadline is always clearly displayed at the time of booking and should be respected by both parties. A written confirmation by DMC Square Pvt. Ltd is required wherever the deadline cannot be honoured by our clients.

Our website prices may vary due to a fluid pricing model based on participation and availability, world currencies fluctuations, significant world developments or government action. However, such variations can only apply to future bookings. Once a booking is made, its price is fixed.

Despite our best efforts, at times, an error may result in a price or other details of a service or services being displayed or presented within our website, incorrectly. In such a case we reserve the right to cancel that service only. You will be notified in such a case and if a payment has already been taken, and you will be fully refunded the amount for that service only although any other services that might have been booked will be honoured.

When we are notified of, or discover, an error or omission we will do our best to correct it as soon as is practicable.

Cancellations. All hotels have their own cancellation policies and you will be liable to pay any cancellation charges that the hotel may levy. In most cases, these charges are equivalent to the first night of the stay when cancellation is later than 48 hours prior to the guest’s arrival in the hotel. If any further charges are applicable, these will be advised at the time of booking. Similar charges will apply to a non-show, or an early curtailment of the guest’s stay. For practical reasons, 48 hours means by 1700 hrs (UK time) two days before arrival. For group bookings as well as all other ground services such as attraction tickets, tours, entrance fees, car hire, catering and transfers, similar cancellation charges may apply. Such charges will be made known to the user at the time of the original booking.

Cancellations outside our office hours should be sent by e-mail direct to the hotel with a copy attached to DMC Square Pvt. Ltd as well. The hotel and DMC Square Pvt. Ltd reserve the right to cancel any bookings that we suspect, with good reason, to be fraudulent.

Any potential required changes to the duration of the stay or room allocations prior the guest’s arrival should only be arranged through DMC Square Pvt. Ltd and not the hotel directly.

Children Discounts. . Infants under two years are accommodated free of charge in a cot, unless otherwise advised at the time of booking. Pricing policies for children may vary from one hotel to another. Children between two and twelve years who may be free of charge in accommodation terms may still be charged on board supplements. Any child discount received often applies to the board supplement as well, unless it is specifically stated that it is on terms only. Children aged 12 and over are normally charged as adults unless otherwise indicated at the time of booking.

DMC Square Pvt. Ltd must be advised of any children under the age of 18 planning to travel alone (or with similar aged friends) prior to booking, and such arrangement must be additionally agreed by the hotel, before the reservation can be fully confirmed. Failure to notify the hotel in advance, may lead to children under the age of 18 without an accompanying adult being refused accommodation.

In the very unlikely event that the hotelier cannot provide the booked accommodation, our client accepts that the hotelier's responsibility is limited to finding an alternative of a similar standard and to providing transportation as appropriate to this property. DMC Square Pvt. Ltd takes every reasonable precaution to select hotels that are professionally managed so that any such occurrence is exceptionally rare. Our client also accepts that early notification of such a change cannot be guaranteed. DMC Square Pvt. Ltd shall have no liability in respect of any costs, losses or damages existing out of or in connection with a relocation of accommodation, since such relocation is outside of DMC Square Pvt. Ltd’s control. Should our client reject a satisfactory alternative, this is at their own risk.

If guests are dissatisfied with any aspect of their hotel, this MUST be brought to the attention of the hotel management immediately and the hotel management must be given adequate opportunity to rectify the situation from the outset. If the hotelier cannot resolve matters to the guest’s satisfaction, DMC Square Pvt. Ltd must also be contacted at the earliest opportunity in order to be able to assist. If having taken the above actions the guests are still dissatisfied, complaints should be received in writing within 14 days of the guests return to our U.K. office address displayed at the Contact Us section.

Passport, Visa and health requirements are entirely the guest’s responsibility. The appropriate Embassy or government advisory website have all the up-to-date information. Travel insurance against cancellation, curtailment and for medical cover is strongly recommended.

All vouchers and booking summary notes issued by DMC Square Pvt. Ltd are subject to ours and the service provider’s terms and conditions. DMC Square Pvt. Ltd is acting solely as agent for the service providers and does not have any liability for any failure by the service provider to provide any element of the guest’s booking and/or for anything that may go wrong at the service provider side and which may causes damage, loss, personal injury or death to the guest whether as a result of negligence or otherwise by the service provider, its servants or agents and DMC Square Pvt. Ltd only accepts liability to the guest for claims that arise solely as a result of DMC Square Pvt. Ltd’s own negligence. Every care is taken to ensure that service descriptions are accurate. Descriptive material on facilities provided is drawn from information provided by the service provider. DMC Square Pvt. Ltd cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in such information, nor can liability be accepted for changes to facilities, which are not communicated to us by the service provider.

All services offered by DMC Square Pvt. Ltd are governed by Indian Law and subject to the jurisdiction of the Delhi Courts.