Worldwide DMC’s cutting edge technology solutions

At Worldwide DMC we continuously strive to grow positively along with the latest technology developments. Our twenty staff strong in house India based software team combines our state-of-the-art online booking engine with bespoke XML to provide our global travel partners and services suppliers with a fast, flexible, user friendly and accurate booking interface. Seamless integration, attention to detail and constant upgrading aims to provide a comprehensive one stop travel shop providing instant access to a diversified range of global travel services inventory.

The Advantages of integrating through Worldwide DMC’s XML platform

  1. A complete and seamless host-to-host connectivity.
  2. Full and straightforward integration onto your company’s branded website.
  3. Instant access to our full range of global rates and worldwide travel services inventory
  4. Bespoke software tools for tailor-made price yield management
  5. Hands on control of your up-selling prices configuration per individual service and hence more & more attractively priced competitive travel product.
  6. Dedicated travel partner’s help service, including regular software updates and on-demand comprehensive technical support both before as well as after the integration’s completion.
  7. Tailor-made Reporting Options.